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BluCure™ Cobalt-free curing launched at China Composites Expo

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7 Sep 2012

BluCure™  was presented in Shanghai. In addition, AkzoNobel and DSM introduced their BluCure™ Products. 

The BluCure™ umbrella brand covers innovative Cobalt-free resin curing technologies and products. The BluCure™ quality seal guarantees that products are 100% Cobalt-free.

Earlier this year BluCure™ was successfully launched at the JEC Composites show in Paris. Since then there has been major interest in the technology from leading players in the European and Asian composites market, because of the increasing environmental pressure on Cobalt.


In many cases the improved curing behavior has resulted in better part manufacturing robustness and increased part performance when compared to conventional, Cobalt-based systems.


BluCure™ Technology is available to the composites industry through sublicensing, providing genuine alternatives to Cobalt-based accelerator systems for all composite component and resin manufacturers. More information on 100% Cobaltfree curing can be found at


Induced by REACH Cobalt salts like Cobalt Octoate are under evaluation by ECHA. This evaluation has already initiated two reclassifications of which the latest took place last month and is a reclassification to “reproductive toxin cat. 2” under CLP. The evaluation process by ECHA is not yet closed and further reclassification might take place. Additional action by the competent authorities in China and other Asian countries is anticipated as a result.  


About BlueCure
BluCure™ BluCure™ is synonymous with state-of-the-art technologies related to Cobalt-free curing of composite resins. Developed by industry leaders in innovation and sustainability, BluCure™ is available through license to all composite component and resin manufacturers. BluCure™ offers opportunities for outstanding performance and sustainable end-user value, both now and in the future. The BluCure™ Seal is a guarantee to you and your customers that your products are 100% Cobalt-free.


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