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Bobiwrap: the machine for subsea reparation

News International-French

14 Jun 2013

Composite repair are increasingly employed in the oil and gas industry for temporary and permanent repairs. They are generally made of fibers tapes (aramid, glass …) impregnated with epoxy resin and then wrapped around the pipe.

The numbers of fibers tapes layers and the repair length are determined from design calculations following standards such as ISO/TS 24817 or ASME PCC-2.

Bobiwrap has been developed to improve subsea reparation operations: light and maneuverable, it can be handled by a single diver. The sustainability of the reparation is entirely ensured.

After more than 24 months going through conception, manufacture and adjustments, the first tests have been accomplished in the Port of Monaco and the efficiency of the machine patented by Total and 3X is confirmed.

Underwater, a diver can make the reparation of a pipe and divided the operating working time by 3 to compare to the traditional clamps solution.
Tests in real situation have been achieved with impressive results, thanks to the presence of Total Offshore R&D and integrity team, managed by Paul Wiet and Bureau Veritas.

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