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Boeing business jet with Split Scimitar Winglets from FACC

News International-French

29 May 2015

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is being presented in Geneva with its latest upgrade: the new Split Scimitar Winglet made by FACC.

The Upper Austrian aviation supplier has developed and produced this latest winglet generation on behalf of Aviation Partners Boeing (APB), a Seattle-based joint venture between Blended Winglet inventor Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) and Boeing.FACC is also performing the conversion and maintenance work.

The Split Scimitar Winglet is a newly conceived design from Aviation Partners, which has redefined the aerodynamics of the Blended Winglet, tried and tested over many years and likewise manufactured by FACC. The Split Scimitar Winglet has been offered since last year as a retrofit for the Boeing 737-800 and 737-900ER airliners. With the approval for BBJs granted recently by America's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), owners of business jets in the Boeing 737 range can now also benefit from the additional boost in performance provided by the new Split Scimitar Winglets.

"Increased performance, cost-effectiveness and environmental protection are important parameters in the further development of aircraft. Boeing Business Jets – fitted with the innovative Split Scimitar Winglets – meet these demands in an exemplary manner," says Walter Stephan, Chairman of FACC AG. "We are proud to be able to contribute our extensive development and production expertise to this revolutionary winglet program in cooperation with Aviation Partners Boeing."

The Split Scimitar Winglets manufactured by FACC increase the range of a BBJ considerably.
Copyright: Aviation Partners Boeing

The retrofit to the existing BBJ Blended Winglet will consist of adding a new Scimitar-tipped large Ventral Strake, beefing up the internal winglet structure, and replacing the aluminum winglet tip caps with new aerodynamically shaped “Scimitar” tip caps. For long-range BBJ operations, the SSW will provide a drag reduction, and corresponding range increase, of 2% or more over the current Blended Winglet configuration.

Retrofitting in the global network
Alongside component production, which takes place on a state-of-the-art production line at the Aerostructures plant in Ried, FACC is also responsible for retrofitting the Split Scimitar Winglets and carrying out maintenance activities as required. In doing so, FACC can draw on a global network of company sites and partners. The retrofits for European, Arabian and African aircraft operators take place in Ried, while those for American operators are carried out at the US plant of FACC Solutions Inc., founded last year in Wichita. We also offer support in servicing and maintenance to individual subsidiaries and cooperations with production partners in the Arabian and Asian regions.