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Boeing opens largest R&D lab outside of United States in Australia

News International-French

14 May 2013

Marking five years of engagement in Australia's aerospace industry Boeing Research & Technology Australia (BR&T-Australia) has opened its latest research and development presence at Port Melbourne in Victoria.

The recently upgraded BR&T-Australia technology centre was officially opened by the Minister for Climate Change, Industry and Innovation, Greg Combet.

"Boeing has made a considerable investment in its innovation and research and development capabilities in Australia over the past five years. This new technology centre will further enhance Boeing's R&D capabilities as well as its collaboration with local organisations including universities, the CSIRO and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation," Mr Combet said.

"It will give the company access to Australia's best technology, create innovative solutions to global aerospace manufacturing challenges, reduce technical risks, enable the development of future aerospace technologies and improve the efficiency, cost and performance of current aerospace systems.

"For example, the novel composite materials, structures and robotics technologies developed at BR&T-Australia are being used in Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner, one of the world's most advanced commercial aircraft.

"The composite moveable trailing edge wing surfaces, about 4 per cent of the aircraft, are manufactured at the Port Melbourne plant and shipped to its US assembly plant."

Mr Combet said Boeing's investment in an Australian branch for R&D highlighted the demand for their ability to meet the manufacturing and innovation demands of the global aerospace market.