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Borealis short, long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene for auto parts

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19 Apr 2012

Austria polyolefin maker Borealis and its joint venture company Borouge displayed its latest glass fiber reinforced polypropylene material in Germany Mannheim. They displayed the Xmod TM brand of short glass fiber reinforced polypropylene applications in BMW and Fiat/GM.

Xmod GD301FE is used for pedal and front end bracket. It compares with polyamide material has at least 15% weight reduction, and also reduce 10% of the system cost. The 30% glass fiber reinforced polypropylene shows better formability, and does not require pre-drying process.


Xmod GD301FE is a 30 % chemically coupled high performance glass fibre reinforced polypropylene compound intended for injection moulding. This material shows excellent mechanical properties also at elevated temperatures. The product is available in standard black 9502.


Xmod WB300UB is made for glass fiber and mineral filler mix reinforced polypropylene. Fiat selected it to make the air cleaner housing. Its properties such as stiffness, impact strength and surface properties are the same with polyamide based products, only with a lower cost, and a 16% weight reduction.


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