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Boytek - High-quality products and strong R&D

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4 Feb 2013

Boytek is not only a leading company in the Turkish composite industry, but also well known amongst international composite producers. Established in 1978 to produce alkyd and polyester resins, the company went on to add gel coats, pigment pastes, SMC/BMC, ortho-iso-NPG-DCPD resin chemistries and vinylester resins to their product portfolio.

Boytek will celebrate its 35 years in the industry as a pioneer company. It offers the broadest product range in Turkey, working hard to develop and enhance the Turkish composite sector. The company also supplies materials to 35 different countries worldwide.


Quality and R&D

Thanks to its emphasis on high-quality production and strong R&D, Boytek has gained the trust of composite producers as a world-class brand. For Boytek, quality is not just an extra procedure, but the foundation of everything they do. All plants operate under the ISO 9001 quality management system, and some of its special resins and gel coats have Lloyd’s Certificate approvals. The company fulfils all REACH requirements in order to comply with EU regulations.


During its 35 years of history, the company has focused heavily on research and development in the belief that R&D is the driver for innovation and sustainability. Both raw materials and the materials produced are tested extensively at fully equipped laboratories in order to ensure quality compliance. Boytek works intensively on technical communication with its customers to insure that the products manufactured exactly fit their needs.


Technological capacities

Boytek works systematically to improve its technological capacities in order to provide fast, top-quality solutions. Thanks to its broad range of up-to-date equipment in two production plants, the company can produce 85,000 tons of resin per year in a very flexible way to respond to its customers in the shortest possible time, with the highest quality products. Its licensing agreement with Menzolit also allows it to fulfil the Turkish industry’s need for high-quality SMC and BMC. Boytek also cooperates with Ashland for the production and distribution of Derakane vinylester resins. Another business partner is Owens Corning, for the supply of high-quality glass fibres and technical textiles in the Turkish market.


Focus: Boytek has published the Kompozit Dunyasi journal for the past six years, covering sector news, informing the market about new trends and raising awareness on environmental issues.


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