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Braided CFRP eBike seat dome

News International-French

18 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Munich Composites GmbH, together with its partner eVinci Mobility GmbH, has developed an innovative CFRP seat dome for a new generation of eBikes.

The seat dome combines low weight with a high flexibility to achieve faster acceleration of the eBike and an exceptionally comfortable riding experience. This construction could only be achieved with the award-winning advancements in braiding technology of Munich Composites.

The seat dome is overbraided in one step, RTM injected in one step, and then cut in halves and joined together to accomplish a time- and cost-efficient production. The aluminium dropouts are glued in during the final step. The resulting seat dome reduces weight by over 50% compared to an aluminium seat dome.

The production of Munich Composites is automated in all quality-relevant steps (braiding, resin injection, and milling). This way, every component has the same high quality. Due to this automation, Munich Composites can scale up the production easily to mass production. During the overbraiding process, the fibres are directly placed onto the mandrel. This results in minimum scrap of carbon fibres. Munich Composites achieves scrap values of less than 5% for the seat dome. This makes the technology highly cost efficient.

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