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Brazil: Composites Neighborhood led to a turnover of US$ 11.5 million

News International-French

27 Mar 2014

Special participation of ALMACO allowed the sale of 611 houses made of composites

The presence of the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) at Feicon Batimat led to a turnover of US$ 11.5 million in business.

Throughout the five days of the event, 611 composites houses manufactured by the company from Paraná, MVC, were sold for US$ 7.5 million. The remaining US$ 4 million refer to the raw materials required to build them, such as resins, fiberglass, organic peroxides and structural adhesives.

“The participation at Feicon totally exceeded our expectations and those of companies that helped us create this new milestone in the composites industry. This is a dynamic and objective event, with a very interesting audience diversification. I believe all sectoral fairs should have the same focus on generating business,” said Gilmar Lima, president of ALMACO. 

The Composites Neighborhood had dozens of items common to our day to day, such as house, school, health center, bus stop, store, leisure area, water tank, sink, bath, doors and stairs. All produced by Brazilian companies, as MVC, which was responsible for providing the house and school. The construction systems adopted in both of them were approved by Brazilian government programs: respectively, the Program My House, My Life and the National Education Development Fund (FNDE).

The whole exhibition was based on the material. From power poles, mini wind power generator, traffic signs to bus stop and decor items. The neighborhood was an action based on the same concept of the successful Compocity, a mini-city built by ALMACO in 2012.