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Brazil: Meet the finalists of the 2015 Composites Industry’s Top of Mind

News International-French

27 Oct 2015

Awards ceremony will take place on 5 November, in São Paulo.

After two months of surveys conducted by Destaque Business Research, the Brazilian composites industry will finally meet the finalists of the Top of Mind. Organized since 2010 by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO), the Top of Mind is the main award of the supply chain for this material, a type of high-performance plastic present in more than 50,000 applications in the construction, transportation, wind energy, chemical and marine sectors, among others. 

“In total, there were 5,798 votes, a record number since the creation of the Top of Mind,” says Erika Bernardino, marketing manager of ALMACO.

See below the finalists of the 24 categories:
Composites Industry: MVC – Redelease – Tecnofibras
Manual Process (hand lay-up / spray-up): Fortlev – Marcopolo – Tecnofibras
RTM: Marcopolo – MVC – Tecnofibras
SMC: BMC do Brasil – FPK do Brasil – Tecnofibras
BMC: BMC do Brasil – FB Mix – Techpress
Pultrusion: Cogumelo – MVC/Stabilit – Stratus
Infusion: Barracuda – MVC – Tecsis
Filament Winding: Petrofisa – Tecniplas – O-tek
Continuous Lamination: Doplast – Fibralit – MVC
Polyester Resin: Ashland – Elekeiroz – Reichhold
Epoxy Resin: Dow – Huntsman – Redelease
Vinyl Ester Resin: Ashland – Reichhold – Redelease
Fiberglass: CPIC – Jushi – Owens Corning
Adhesive: 3M – Artecola – Lord
Peroxide: AkzoNobel – Polinox – Redelease
Carbon Fiber: Redelease – Texiglass – Toho Tenax
Gelcoat: CCP/Polynt – Morquímica – Reichhold
Molding compound: BMC do Brasil – FB MIX – Tecnofibras
Release Agent: Chem-Trend – Henkel – Redelease
Additive: BYK – Polystell – Redelease
Molds Manufacturers: AJB Souza – Bruno Moldes – Desafio
Distributor: Diprofiber – Redelease – V.I. Fiberglass
Innovation: Lord – MVC – Tecnofibras
Equipment: Abcol – Fibermaq – Transtécnica

The winners will be revealed only during the trophy ceremony, scheduled to take place on November 05, at 8 p.m., at the Transamerica Expo Center, in São Paulo (SP). The awards ceremony of the Top of Mind will be one of the events held in parallel with the International Conference on Composites (Nov/04-06), promoted by ALMACO jointly with JEC Group, also at Transamerica Expo Center.