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Brazil: Polinox present in the construction of Comperj

News International-French

2 Jul 2012

Molders of composite profiles use peroxides manufactured by the company

After successive delays, the construction of the Petrochemical Complex of Rio de Janeiro (Comperj) started to move on. The undertaking of Petrobras should be concluded by 2014 and, until then, huge amounts of composite materials will be consumed for the manufacturing, for example, of the electrical cable tray system – made of profiles, it consists of cable trays, cable beds and connections. And clients of Polinox, the largest South American manufacturer of organic peroxides, such as Enmac and Eco have been working to meet this significant upcoming demand.

        “The performance of peroxides manufactured by Polinox is quite efficient,” says Rodrigo do Vale, Enmac´s industrial manager. Enmac regularly acquires the benzoyl peroxide Perbenzox 50®, the tert-butyl peroxybenzoate Brasnox TBPB® and the methyl ethyl ketone peroxide Brasnox DM50®. Last year, Enmac supplied to Comperj 150 tons of profiles. “Now, we hope to be part of lots that will total 1,200 tons.” The potential demand increase caused Enmac to build a plant of 12,000 m² in Arujá (São Paulo). “We invested approximately USD 8 million in a plant that will have a capacity to produce 150 tons/month”.

        In turn, Eco has used, so far, the Perbenzox 50®. Directed by José Ruas, the company agreed to supply 900 tons of profiles to Comperj earlier this year – in 2011, 160 tons were supplied.