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Brazilian composites industry reports revenue of US$ 365 million for the third quarter 2013

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7 Nov 2013

The Brazilian composites industry reported revenue of US$ 365 million for the third quarter, 3% higher compared to the previous three months and 8.1% higher than in the same period of 2012.

In total, 53,600 tons of raw materials were processed from July to September. This volume is 2.3% higher than that reported previously – compared to 3Q12, there was a 4.4% increase. The data are from Maxiquim, a consulting firm hired by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO).

Agribusiness, construction and wind power were the segments responsible for the positive result, says Gilmar Lima, president of ALMACO. “These markets tend to keep the same trend in the following quarter and should even offset the decline in demand from the automakers of buses and trucks caused by uncertainties in the economic scenario in 2014,” he says.

According to Maxiquim, the consumption of raw material in the 4Q may total 54,100 tons, which will represent a revenue of US$ 371 million. For the year, the indicators point that the composites industry should report total revenue of US$ 1,425 billion (+8.9%) and a production of 210,000 tons (+1.6%).

“We remain with the perspective of a year with growth, marked only by the loss of competitiveness and profitability of the entire production chain caused by the devaluation of the Brazilian currency and the cost increase in Brazil,” says Lima.

Photo: Gilmar Lima, president of ALMACO

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