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A breakthrough in fibre diameter and length measurement.

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20 Apr 2016

Sponsored news - The new CottonscopeHD will be at booth3111, Hall B3, Techtextil Atlanta Exhibition in May, 2016.

CottonscopeHD (CSHD) is the world's first bench top automatic rapid image analysis system to measure the diameter of fibre snippets from 0.5 to 50 microns (um).  Measuring up to 20,000 fibres per minute in a water bath, it provides mean diameter, diameter distribution, mean curvature, curvature distribution and length distribution (milled fibres
Advantages of the new CSHD:

  • Very rapid measurement of large fibre numbers give an accurate diameter distribution that can be correlated with fibre performance
  • Customers can develop superior fibres that meet strict specifications and satisfies customers' high performance requirements.
  • Greater control of fibre quality and avoidance of costly mistakes at the manufacturing stage.
  • Reliable monitoring and timely detection of defects for scheduling repairs and maintenance.
  • Simple sample preparation and disposal. No spreading issues as with other devices such as manual spreading (which can be a health and safety issue), samples are dropped into the open bowl for measurement and is automatically disposed of after the measurement. The water medium also eliminates any static effect that causes fine fibres to stick to each other and surfaces which will cause a diameter bias.
  • Operator independent results. The software selects and measures the fibres without operator selection or bias.
  • No dangerous chemicals or complicated preparation of the sample such as sputter coating for SEM. The CSHD uses distilled water and raw samples are measured directly.
  • Length measurement is calculated at the same time as diameter measurement. The size of milled fibres can be controlled and monitored easily for a superior product.

The CSHD instrument weighs less than 4kg and its dimensions are 360 mm by 180 mm by 260 mm high. A laptop computer connects via usb and the control program runs on the Windows 7 operating system.

The co-inventor of the CSHD will be demonstrating the instrument at the stand at the Textechtil Exhibition adjoining the JEC Composite Exhibition in Atlanta in May 2016. 

Booth: Hall B3, 3111