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Breather/resin runner profile tape for vacuum bags

News International-French

6 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - Reusable vacuum bag (RVB) construction is made easier with a breather/resin runner profile tape. 

The new tape developed by SWORL is designed to be attached to the flange or tool cavity during RVB fabrication. The disposable peel and stick tape is fully conformable to a broad variety of complex flange geometries. It is comprised of a series of technically designed and spaced holes that are filled with silicone during bag building, also encapsulating the exposed profile surfaces during the process. After the RVB is cured, the disposable tape is removed, leaving channels created by the cured silicone rubber standoffs. Voids created by the silicone standoffs can easily pass either vacuum or resin. The new RVB profile is the latest innovation from SWORL to help bring RVB production to the shop floor. The tape is suitable for use in both marine and general industrial markets.

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