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Broadwater Mouldings incorporate carbon fibre in products

News International-French

19 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Broadwater Mouldings is expanding its production capabilities and technologies incorporating Carbon Fibre in some products.

They have been conducting Research and Development into the use of the material with their customers and have developed innovative products alongside our existing portfolio. These include carbon fibre bodywork for the automotive industry, benefits of which will be seen during the drive towards environmental demands to reduce CO2 emissions.

Broadwater Mouldings is currently working with partners to ensure the EU environmental emissions deadline of 2020 will be met, and to ensure the potential huge fines do not affect our customers. They are working towards a target weight saving with developments leading to material stiffness, layer thickness and fibre direction being able to meet car manufacturers direct requirements. Design and development are a crucial part of our R&D, as such they can bring our customers ideas to life. For this they utilise the CAD Program ‘Creo Parametric’, which can produce 3D assemblies and 2D drawings of the new Carbon Fibre projects meaning with their customers, Broadwater Mouldings can take them through the entire design and construction process.

In addition, they produce equally innovative solutions for industrial applications, where the unique properties of carbon composite structures have been exploited to overcome the limitations of steel and other metals.

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