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Building blocks to increase thermal resistance

News International-French

26 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Increasing thermal resistance or maintaining thermal resistance while providing additional benefits has always been one of the main focuses of Huntsman associates, from scientists designing new molecules to production specialists bringing concepts to real molecules.

At JEC, Huntsman will showcase unique epoxy resins, hardeners and accelerators that help formulators to be successful in this domain.

Tactix® 742 and Tactix® 556 are two exceptional epoxy resins that respectively provide the highest glass transition temperature and the lowest water absorption among all commercial epoxy resins.
Araldite® MY 9721 and Araldite® MY 0610 are epoxy resins that allow combining high thermal resistance and high modulus with easier processing conditions, thanks to their low viscosity.

Araldite® MY 0816 possesses a unique structure, which allows this liquid bi-functional epoxy resin to decrease cross-linking density while retaining very good thermal resistance.

Hardeners and accelerators such as latent Aradur® 3123 or Aradur® 1167 and recently developed DDS-modified curing agents will provide formulators with new tools to adapt the curing kinetics of their systems, while still providing high thermal resistance.

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