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A building facade made with carbon-reinforced concrete

News International-French

23 Dec 2014

For the facade of its outbuilding, the “SchieferErlebnis” park, inaugurated in July 2014, has built on textile-reinforced concrete by the solidian GmbH. 

The curtain panels were manufactured from carbon-reinforced concrete. Compared to conventional steel-reinforced concrete, this gives a weight reduction of 40%.

As, contrary to steel-reinforced concrete, carbon-reinforced concrete does not corrode, concrete covers from one centimeter are feasible. The approximately 2.5 centimeter thick cover of the curtain panels of the outbuilding allowed to realize a panel thickness of only just 5 centimeters. The less of material and resulting significantly reduced weight has a positive impact on input, transport and assembly costs.

The individual panels of the large, back-ventilated curtain façade have a size of up to 120 x 414 centimeters. In spite of the panel length of over four meters, an installation accuracy of the reinforcement of give or take one millimeter was achieved. This was possible due to a spacer that was developed by solidian and is especially suitable for decorative concrete surfaces. The achieved installation accuracy, therefore, is clearly superior to conventional steel-reinforced concrete panels.

For the project, the carbon reinforcement soligrid Q140-CEP-38 by solidian was arranged in the center of the carbon panel. The failure stress of this carbon reinforcement averages approximately 3000 N/mm² (design value: approximately 1600 N/mm²), corresponding to a force absorption of 420 kN/m.

Besides the production of the carbon reinforcement, the solidian was responsible for the coordination of the individual case permission and structural analysis. The structural analysis was carried out by the Reck + Gass, Ingenieurgesellschaft für Bauwesen mbH + Co. KG. The FBW Fertigbau Wochner GmbH & Co. KG was responsible for the assembly of the curtain panels. In context with the individual case permission, the Institute of Structural Concrete of the RWTH Aachen confirmed the loading capacity of the carbon reinforcement. The individual case permission was granted by the authority of the Regierungspräsidium Tübingen.

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