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Bulk dispensing equipment

News International-French

23 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - The new DX series bulk dispensing equipment range produced by Mayer and Mayer HandelsgmbH closes the gap between high-volume cartridge applications and high investment cost bulk dispensing equipment.

The system can be used with all types of two-component filled and unfilled materials such as structural adhesives, casting and encapsulating resins and surfacing materials based on PU, epoxy, silicones, MS, MMA, UPR and others for a wide range of viscosities up to 2,000 Pa·s.

The system combines the economics of bulk container supply with the undisputed advantages of accurate “point of application metering” and mixing. The MAYER DX series dispensing system is the ultimate tool for assembly lines and for mobile applications where cartridge systems are too costly and fully-integrated supply systems not yet justifiable. The units are of sturdy construction, compact, low weight, ergonomically designed and extremely easy to operate.

The system comprises:

  • The DXR fill station, specifically designed to make component refilling a most simple, clean and safe operation out of 20 l pails to 200 l drums.
  • The DXH dispenser, which features two transparent refillable component containers with pneumatically-assisted press-out pistons. The material is mixed through a disposable static mixer and is available in around 60 different mix ratios.
  • Dispenser models DXBG and DXBS as stand-mounted versions of the DXH dispenser, suitable for self-flowing, low-viscosity 2-component materials.

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