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BYK-P 9065 and BYK-P 9051 win CCE-JEC Innovation Awards

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23 Nov 2012

At the China Composite Expo in Shanghai, BYK presented its latest processing additives and application development for composite industry. The CCE-JEC Innovation Awards were presented for the eighth year in a row, with 32 composite products / solutions from 30 companies nominated, and ten of them winning the final awards for their innovations in three categories: “Raw Materials”, “New Applications” and “Process & Equipment”.

BYK Additives & Instruments applied for the awards for the first time and they were the winners of the “Raw Materials” category. The award-winning products are BYK®-P 9065 and BYK®-P 9051, which have already been showing great success in optimizing the SMC/BMC process. Compared to traditionally used zinc stearate, these multifunctional processing additives work as internal mold release agents and can significantly improve the surface quality of molded parts, and they facilitate the molding process and minimize the scrap rate of SMC/BMC products.



About BYK Additives & Instruments:
BYK Additives & Instruments is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the additives and instruments sector. Approximately 87% of our sales are generated by foreign countries. Our major export markets are Europe, the United States, and the Far East.
Additives are chemical substances that are used in small quantities to improve product properties such as scratch resistance or surface gloss. Manufacturing processes are also optimized through the use of additives.
The coatings, printing inks, and plastics industries are some of the main areas of application for BYK additives. Yet in paper surface finishing, or the production of adhesives and sealants as well as construction chemistry, BYK additives are also
improving the product properties and production processes. In 2009, BYK extended its portfolio with raw materials for theproduction of mold release agents for aluminum die-casting.
BYK Instruments can quantify the quality of color and gloss and the physical properties of paint, plastic and paper products.
Instruments from BYK are predominantly used for quality control.
BYK Additives & Instruments is a member of ALTANA, Wesel. ALTANA develops and produces high-quality, innovative products in the sector of specialty chemicals.
BYK Additives & Instruments employs around 1,400 people worldwide, 25% of whom work in research and development departments or technical laboratories.


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