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c-m-p gmbh initiates production of carbon-fibre materials

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14 Mar 2012

•     Modern system for  high-tech fibre materials;
•     Production facilities in Heinsberg (Germany) with 2,000 square metres of floor space;
•     New quality standards with regard to customer-orientation and flexibility;

Following a construction phase lasting just six months, the company c-m-p gmbh is initiating production of high-quality, customised, Prepregs (fibre composite materials) at its new facilities in Heinsberg.

These high performance materials are being used increasingly as an alternative to steel and aluminium, due to their excellent strength and stiffness.  The considerable potential for growth exhibited by this material has been highlighted by the recent first delivery of the new Boeing 787, with more than 50% of the aeroplane being composed of such materials.

“c-m-p consistently implements the highest possible standards with regard to quality, safety and the environment,” comment c-m-p Managing Directors Rolf Dothagen, Heike Hermkes-Blau and Michael Jürissen. “Fibre composite materials have the potential to become the steel of the 21st century. And in this regard, customers need innovative and flexible partners,” adds Chairman, Dr. Jan Verdenhalven.

The four founders of the business – with many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the field of composite materials - are committed to fulfilling the highest standards and demands with the establishment of c-m-p gmbh. As the first company in this industry, c-m-p gmbh is currently nearing completion of a triple certification and displays its capabilities as an innovative, highly efficient and sustainable “Green Energy” business with its holistic combination of quality assurance (DIN EN 9100/Aviation and Aerospace), environmental protection (DIN EN ISO 14001) and work safety (OHSAS 18001).

With its modern production facilities and innovative manufacturing procedures, c-m-p gmbh does not just ensure the manufacturing of high quality, ultra-light materials made of modern, high performance fibres, but also provides maximum flexibility with regard to delivery times and the realisation of special customer requests. “We place great value on our customer relations and on long-term cooperation with reliable and financially stable partners,” remark Michael Jürissen and Rolf Dothagen.
For this reason, c-m-p gmbh will be working from the very start with an integrated ERP system. “This allows us to establish comprehensive data transparency, ensure the best possible support for all business processes, guarantee short response times and offer our customers and suppliers an efficient and easily traceable order processing,” comments Heike Hermkes-Blau.


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