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CAIB signed $27 million USD composite material projects

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9 May 2012

"Xi'an Yanliang Natinoal Aviation Hi-tech Industrial Base (CAIB) Projects Signing Conference", CAIB has signed 9 projects with a total investment of $14.3 billion USD.

Last month CAIB achieved 20 contracted projects, with a total investment of 3.2 million USD. This number doubled than the last year.


The projects include $63 million USD of air pipeline system, investment $47 million USD of aviation industry standard parts manufacturing, $39 million USD of aviation industry and engineering machinery and equipment manufacturing, $6.4 million USD air impeller blade machining.


United Airlines new developed flying car, XAC AGV intelligent transmission platform and Carbon-XA ( high performance carbon fiber were all presented.


Projects also presented included 800 million Yuan small wind turbine generator with new photoelectric transformer, $46 million USD photovoltaic cutting materials, and $27 million USD composite materials.


More about CAIB:

CAIB has a total of more than 420 enterprises. They covered machine manufacturing, new materials, aerospace avionics, repair, spare parts, flight training, Air Travel Expo and other fields. Together with a large number of incubator small and medium enterprises, CAIB has formed up a complete chain of the aviation industry cluster.



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