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Cam Elyaf is attending to The 18th International Energy & Environment Fair and Conference

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5 Apr 2012

Turkey’s important  wind agenda, The 18th of the ICCI Conference and Exhibition  will be held in Istanbul Expo Center, the economy and industrial capital of Turkey. It is  the only arena at which both conference and fair events about energy and environment subjects in international meaning are realized in Turkey. Cam Elyaf is also attending to this event for the second time as a glass fiber producer for Wind blade manufacturers.

Cam Elyaf San. A. Ş. produces direct roving  glass fiber  WR6 that is used in wind turbine blades in the form of woven textiles. WR6 certified by Germanisher Lloyd (GL). It provides good unwinding properties, high process performance, fast and complete wet out, high mechanical properties and compatibility with unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester and epoxy resins and is preferred by blade manufacturers, utilizing local potential.




Current Account Deficit  can be reduced  by utilizing local potential.

Due to this reason, The Turkish government encourages investors to implement energy projects in Turkey with new incentives on renewable energy (RE). To speed up the investments on RE, Ministry of Energy and Natural Sources (the "Ministry of Energy") and Energy Market Regulatory Authority ("EMRA")  promulgated Renewable Energy Regulations by some amendments on RE Law (Tariffs & Domestic components). With this new regulations, the government is aiming for increase in the number of investors in Turkey. In addition to installing new capacity (MW), The Turkish government is also supporting the  local raw material suppliers for Wind turbine Blade manufacturers; Because some components of the wind power stations can be produced by local  possibilities. For example glass fiber reinforcement materials and epoxy resin is produced in Turkey since many years.



Turkish energy officials have previously declared that they expect wind capacity to reach 20,000 MW by 2023. Some  tangible steps towards tomorrow are being taken at governmental level to put the country’s renewable energy sources to use.



Since energy requirement is the reason for 70% of the current trade deficit in Turkey, reducing the dependency on related imports is the top agenda for the government of Turkey.


Under all these developments, ICCI 2012 will be very important meeting point for investors, raw material producers and some Turkish governmental officials.


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