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CAMISMA lightweight seat design

News International-French

17 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - The multi-material system (carbon fibre/polyamide/metal-based components) implemented in the CAMISMA project is based on an innovative thermoplastic/carbon fibre composite material with metallic inserts.

An innovation is the development of quasi-isotropic non-woven-tapes (NW tapes). In combination with highly oriented unidirectional tapes (UD tapes) that serve as local reinforcement, it is possible to increase the maximum lightweight construction potential. Beside the innovative textile engineering used to produce the tapes (lightweight material) and the weight-optimized construction (lightweight construction), an energy-efficient and economical manufacturing method has been developed to process the NW and UD tapes in the so-called SpriForm Technology (lightweight process).

This guarantees – with the integration of metallic bonding elements – high output quantities with low cycle times.


  • Prototype seat structure
  • Weight: 2,040 g (> 50% saving compared to steel)
  • Cycle time: 90 seconds in a one-shot process
  • Materials: PA12-LGF, PA12-CF nonwoven, PA12-carbon fibre UD tapes, and steel inserts



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