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Canadian Bombardier build large aircrafts with Shanghai

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8 May 2012

Bombardier signed a cooperation agreement with Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) recently. They agreed a long-term cooperation in the C919 aircraft and C-series aircraft joint projects.

Cooperation include: the cockpit human interface, power system, common standards and specifications of aluminum-lithium alloys. They also set up customer service and technical publications and joint customer service office.


These projects are expected to be completed in the next 12 months with the combination of C919 aircraft R & D program.


Bombardier set up the Shanghai office in the Lujiazui financial district yesterday. The general manager of Bombardier China and VP t of sales of Bombardier Commercial Aircraft China and North Asia are assigned to this office.


This office also serves as COMAC Bombardier cooperation team office.


Bombardier jet set 100-149 seats, COMAC C919 aircraft is set to 156-168 seats. Both are in the same 150 level.


Bombardier forecasts that the Chinese market demand for the 150 level seats will reach nearly 2400 in the next 20 years. China will become the world's second largest new aircrafts market follow the United States.


At present, more than 95 Bombardier aircrafts, including the CRJ and Q series as well as Lille, Challenger and Global Series business jets are operating in the territory of China. The users include China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines.


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