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Canadore College breaking ground for advanced composites fabrication, repair and test centre

News International-French

24 Nov 2014

The Centre will add to the existing purpose-built Aviation Technology Campus erected adjacent to the North Bay Jack Garland Airport in 2005.

Construction of Canadore College’s new Advanced Composites Fabrication, Repair and Test Centre (ARC-TC) facility has officially begun.

According to George Burton, President and CEO of Canadore College, ARC-TC will have the ability to support innovative research, industrial applications, testing services, business incubation and more.

The Centre will be home to new academic resources such as two advanced composites laboratories, a non-destructive test (NDT) lab and training aids such as a walk-in curing oven, a magnetic particle inspection station and a liquid penetrant inspection line that will enhance current aviation programming and create capacity for new programs.

It is expected that Canadore College’s ARC-TC facility will open its doors in Spring/Summer 2015.

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