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Capital injection, large orders, and strengthening of the management team offers NPSP the opportunity to accelerate on its successful growth path.

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26 Apr 2012

Last month, a consortium of Technology Revolution Fund, Triodos Bank and two informal investors together invested 0.6 million Euro in NPSP. This allows NPSP to take important steps in the field of robotics, patents and licensing and market development and thus grow to a turnover of 10 million euro’s in the coming years.

This will result in NPSP becoming a top 5 player in the field of composites in The Netherlands, whilst remaining the leader of the bio-composites market in Europe.


From now on the management team of NPSP, consisting of Willem Böttger, Director Innovation, Mark Lepelaar, Director Marketing and Sales, and Robert van der Vliet, Manager Production, will be accompanied by CEO Rogier Verheij (45). Rogier is one of the informal investors in NPSP and entrepreneur pur sang. He was Vice President at QlikTech from 2005-2011 that had its IPO on the Nasdaq in July 2010. From 2000-2005, he was Sales Director Benelux at Novell after the acquisition of his consulting firm.


The third building block for the accelerated growth is a large order signed by the Dutch leading building firm BAM, to produce one hundred 13 x 3 square meter wall parts, including window frames, insulation and interior finishing for a new regional office for an energy company. Lead Investor Technology Revolution Fund invests in young, technologically innovative companies with ambitious growth scenarios.


Rogier Verheij, CEO NPSP Composites: “In the last few years, NPSP has developed a solid foundation for sustainable and beautiful products. Many things are possible and because of our years of experience our engineers are able to solve complex issues in a short time into realizable solutions and products. As a result of the capital injection we can simultaneously realize a number of large, fully sustainable bio-based products for a competitive price. There is significant demand for this. Everyone wants to get rid of the polluting plastics, and we have the solution. We make specials with special sizes and shapes, as well as such series of 500-2000 units per year, and we do so in a responsible manner that fits into our zeitgeist: beautiful, competitively priced and good for man and environment. NPSP Composites BV from Haarlem fabricates sustainable, fiber reinforced plastic products for construction, design, mobility and industry.


NPSP Composites is a knowledge intensive production company with a wide range of activities in the field of R & D and business development. Together with its clients NPSP realize surprisingly beautiful solutions to technical issues. Aesthetic, technical and durable. NPSP Composites was founded in 2004, has since then been a CAGR of 50% and customers such as Albert Heijn, Dutch Automobile Association, BAM, G-Star, NedTrain and Pastoe.


The company distinguishes itself in the rapidly growing market for composites by her use of natural materials. In addition to the great environmental advantages, these materials result in high mechanical properties at low weight, which for many applications is particularly advantageous. NPSP markets her biobased composites under the name Nabasco®.


The investment process is accompanied by Blaauw lawyers from Haarlem.