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Car ferries made with composites

News International-French

26 Mar 2014

Brazilian state company DERSA contracted new building and refit of 12 car ferries boats including composite superstructures.

The Ferry Boat length varies from 35 to 48 meters. The project aims to replace the original steel superstructure by a new one made in composite materials. To design the new concept the engineering division of Barracuda Advanced Composites in Brazil created a series of prefabricated composite modules.

The project aims to increase transportation infrastructure in the state of Sao Paulo and will be ready before June 2014. DERSA is a state controlled company founded in 1969 to manage the highways and operate all Ferry Boat services in 622 km of coastal line of the state. According to DERSA, the project aims to reduce the transit time in 30% for the average of 25.000 vehicles per day. Total investment for the new structures, refit and new docks will reach 40 millions of dollars.

Barracuda engineered the new superstructure, rails and topsides with sandwich construction using resin infused process. Composite modules have average of 3.00 x 2.40 meters with flanges and assembled over the steel barge. The new composite design will allow overall weight reduction, fuel economy, less maintenance cost and will offer a better cosmetic design.

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