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Carbodeon nanoDiamond additive doubles the wear resistance of standard fluoropolymer coatings

News International-French

16 Mar 2016

Carbodeon has developed an additive for fluoropolymer coatings, based on its uDiamond NanoDiamond technology.

It has been developed to target solvent based coatings used across industries including automotive, aerospace and industrial, as well as food manufacturing and consumer product applications. The additive doubles the wear resistance of standard fluoropolymer coatings without making them abrasive, and maintains or improves the existing low friction properties.

The additive consists of diamond particles smaller than 10nm in size which are produced alongside Carbodeon’s existing uDiamond NanoDiamond products, but with a newly designed surface chemistry to suit fluoropolymer materials.The surface chemistry enables the particles to disperse into the coatings without becoming agglomerated, resulting in an extremely high diamond surface area.This enables the additive to work at very low concentrations, reducing the cost, and suiting it for use in a greater market spectrum.

This is Carbodeon’s second application-specific uDiamond NanoDiamond product. In January the company launched uDiamond Plating Additive for Electroless Nickel, a NanoDiamond additive that nhances wear resistance and tribology properties without compromising corrosion resistance.