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Carbon-based palletizing robot

News International-French

10 Aug 2011

Kuka Robotics Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of industrial robots, has introduced the new Kuka KR 40 PA case packing robot made from carbon-fibre composite.

(Published on April 2006 – JEC Magazine #24)


Short cycle times, flexibility and simple operator control: Kuka palletizing robots have always been among the most innovative in the field of logistics. With the new KR 40 PA, the company now brings the perfect solution in the medium payload range.


With its lightweight construction, high speed and long reach, it is ideally suited to all order picking, packaging and handling tasks. Its internally routed energy supply system makes it easy to integrate into existing applications.


High versatility


The range of potential applications for the KR 40 PA in logistics is virtually unlimited. Whether it’s palletizing, mixing or order picking – the robot excels at every task. And because it can be integrated compactly into any logistics system, it can take over those tasks that are arduous and time-consuming for employees, working swiftly, reliably and with the highest quality, irrespective of the number of shifts.


Main characteristics ........
- Payload: 40 kg.
- Number of axes: 4.
- Reach: 2091mm.
- Controller: KR C2.


Lightweight and fast, with a long reach


The four-axis robot is made of aluminium, with an arm and parallel arm of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CRP). Its lightweight construction makes this all-round logistics expert incomparably fast and flexible. It also has an impressive load-bearing capacity, combined with a remarkably long reach.


All-inclusive package


The new robot is the first of its kind to come equipped as standard with a fully integrated energy supply system, thus saving a great deal of time and expense.


If necessary, an additional energy system can be added at any time, however.


The final element of this practical, highperformance logistics solution is the serviceproven Kuka KR C2 controller.