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Carbon fiber applications drive the industrialization in China

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21 Apr 2014

18 Chinese carbon fiber and carbon fiber composites industry technology units have formed an innovation strategic alliance.

The ideas and concepts have kept changing for the Chinese carbon fiber development, before the nation’s main focus in the support of carbon fiber production. And now Chinese government has switched the support focus to the carbon fiber application development. This change is aiming at the hope to grow the application into a certain scale and in turn to promote the development of carbon fiber manufacturing.

18 Chinese carbon fiber and carbon fiber composites industry technology units have formed an innovation strategic alliance. The members of this strategic alliance include the following companies, universities, and research institutes:

  1. China Metallurgical Group Corporation
  2. Beijing University of Chemical Technology
  3. Jiangsu Hengshen fiber materials Co., Ltd.
  4. Weihai Tuozhan Fiber Co., Ltd.
  5. Zhongfu Shenying Carbon fiber Co., Ltd
  6. Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  7. PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Recently, the alliance first council meeting was held in Beijing.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Deputy Director General of high & new technology, Mr. Hu Shihui has been invited to attend the meeting and made a speech. He has fully affirmed the positive role the alliance has played during the past three years in the development of the industry.

Mr. Hu pointed out that the development of China's carbon fiber industry at a critical stage of the key breakthrough in core technology. The alliance needs to organize the whole industry force to promote the technological innovation of the domestic carbon fiber industry to formulate industry development strategy in order to improve the domestic carbon fiber competitiveness, to meet the market demand, and made combined efforts to solve the industrial key issues.

After the meeting, the alliance units have exchanged ideas on the following issues:

  1. The carbon fiber composite material applications and development in civil engineering
  2. High performance carbon fiber and composite materials aerospace applications
  3. Home made carbon fiber application aviation
  4. The carbon fiber composites application in wind blades
  5. The carbon fiber fabric applications and development
  6. Carbon fiber composite material demand for domestic carbon fiber analysis
  7. The home made carbon fiber existing problems and suggestions

The carbon fiber industry is very close upstream and downstream correlation. It is difficult only depend on the carbon fiber manufacturers to develop a downstream new product. Therefore, the government should give full play to the coordination configuration capability, through the alliance and other industry organizations to form a coordinated development of a complete industrial chain with the combined efforts from manufacturers, universities, and research institutes.

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