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Carbon Fiber & Blade structural parts in Tongtai city

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27 Feb 2012

Recently, the carbon fiber and blade structural parts project study group composed by CASC, East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) and Shanghai Building Materials Group, Shanghai Guosheng Group, Shanghai Third Machine Tool Plant and other enterprises arrived at Dongtai for a thematic visit.

Dongtai’s new materials industry based on the stainless steel industry, focusing on the development of specialty metals, specialty fibers, specialty glass, in which special fiber is focusing on carbon fiber, bio-fiber development; the new energy industry relies on coastal 10 million KW of wind power resources and 1000 MW of solar energy resources, the industrial scale is up to 60 billion this year. CASC, Shanghai of Building Materials Group, Shanghai Third machine tool plant and other entrepreneurs introduced the respective industrial advantages; the two sides have exchanged information on the carbon fiber, the blade structure technology content, level of development and future prospects.



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