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Carbon fiber composite Dish Verification Antenna

News International-French

26 Jun 2013

The DVA-1 radio antenna, constructed for Square Kilometre Array, features a one-piece 261-m2/2,809-ft2 carbon fiber composite reflector, a rim-supported stressed-skin design and a new design approach suitable for high-volume composites production.

The DVA-1 project in Canada is progressing on many fronts. The foundation is complete and sits beneath a 3m pile of regolith to post-load the soil. Trenching for power and data is also complete.

To improve surface accuracy the primary and secondary molds have been faired.  Results on the secondary are extremely good with an error of ~.1mm rms from the design shape.

Measurements of the primary are underway and are expected to be
Steady progress is being made on the telescope pedestal by Matt Fleming’s team at Minex Engineering in California. With the major pieces complete, work is focused on integrating parts and measuring performance.

Other subcontractors such as Profile Composites, FormaShape, and Vectorworks Marine are respectively fabricating sub-components such as carbon feed legs, composite backing pieces, and dish rim connectors.  Integration of DVA1 assemblies will begin in early summer with testing expected to begin in the fall.

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