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A carbon fiber driveshaft for vehicles with up to 500 HP/lb*ft

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27 Mar 2015

Available for GM and Ford applications, these driveshafts are lighter, stiffer, stronger and safer than aluminum and steel driveshafts.

To launch the series, QA1 is offering performance driveshafts that have a lightweight design tailored specifically for vehicles with up to 500 horsepower/500 pound-foot of torque. They are offered in a 3.2” diameter with a variety of lengths and slip yoke options to fit the most popular Ford and GM applications. Driveshafts for higher-horsepower vehicles are currently in development and will be available later this year. Because every vehicle is different based on driveline, engine and other upgrades, QA1 also offers custom driveshafts to meet individual specifications. Just complete our custom order form with your specifications.

QA1 specially winds the driveshafts with 3M Matrix Resin that is exclusive to QA1 driveshafts. 3M Matrix Resin uses spherical nano scale silica that provides improved abrasion resistance and longevity, higher compressive strength and minimal water absorption for increased torque capacity and longevity. This resin is what gives a QA1 driveshaft its distinctive blue tint.

Ensuring a better balance and minimal material waste, QA1 utilizes forged yokes that are precision CNC machined and are specially developed for QA1’s 11 step bonding procedure. The performance driveshafts also feature 1310 conversion U-joints that are high strength alloy and provide durability and high torque capacity for maximum strength.

QA1 carbon fiber driveshafts undergo rigorous testing during and after production to ensure consistent quality. Harmonic testing is done to determine the natural frequency of the driveshaft and a modal analysis is performed to ensure the composite driveshaft meets the applications’ requirements for noise, vibration and harshness. They are precision balanced for smooth, vibration-free operation which extends the U-joint life.

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