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Carbon fiber kids bike for precious cargo

News International-French

18 Mar 2013

The bike features a carbon fiber body and through innovation, technology and design, MORES was able to produce the lightest carbon running bike available today.

This is one bike that will leave all the neighborhood kids seething with jealousy. The ‘Petitpierre’, brought to us by MORES, was built with safety in mind.

Sebastian Mores founded MORES in 2011 in Germany. He worked with a product designer, as well as a child ergo therapist in order to change the world of children bikes. By using similar technologies found in standard bicycles used by adults, MORES was able to introduce the ‘Petitpierre’. The ‘Petitpierre’ is actually a running bike, and for those of you who don’t know, a running bike is essentially a training bicycle for kids with no pedals to help them learn balance and steering.

At less than 600 grams in weight, this makes the ‘Petitpierre’ the lightest children’s running bike in its class, which can be attributed mostly to its carbon fiber monocoque.  High tensile strength carbon fiber mats and synthetic resins are converted into super high quality frames and forks using their patented X7 technology.

“Our patented, elaborate high-strength monocoque carbon-fibre laminate frame is achieved through a technology that eliminates the formation of wrinkles and bubbles. During the baking process, both rigid outer and hydraulically inflated inner molds are applied that considerably reduce the amount of resin (matrix) while bundling the fibres more tightly to one another.”

As previously mentioned, the ‘Petitpierre’ was built with safety in mind. All of the aluminum parts are cured in a chemical process to increase their scratch resistance. There are no sharp edges and no protruding nuts or bolts to hurt your beloved rider. LED lights have been integrated into the saddle and handlebar for night riding. And for easy transport, the wheels can easily be removed.

The ‘Petitpierre’ recently won the 2013 Universal Design Award Germany. The bike is available in three colors: black/yellow, white and rosé, all featuring the carbon fiber frame. It is available directly from MORES for just under $2000 USD (1499 Euros).