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Carbon fiber mast for seascape

News International-French

26 Mar 2014

CompoTech has developed and engineered the carbon fibre structure for the Seascape 18 wing mast.

Known as Wingscape, The wing consists of a freestanding mast with 2 soft “skins" that adapt to the wing shape by the rotation of the mast on each tack.  The Wingscape was developed by Seascape, Ori Wingsail and One Sails based on the patented Omerwing.

The patented "Onesails Omer & Ori Wing Sail Systems" are the only wing sails available with dropping and reefing capability, that offers a number of advantages compared to traditional sails. This is due to the soft wing technology - wing made from sailcloth, not a composite structure. The unique dropping capability with no shrouds, no chain plates, no winches means it is a simple, easy to use system, ideal for shorthanded fast cruising and cruiser racing.  

Controlling is easy - for main sheet trimming as the wing is semi balanced.  For hoisting there is a single mainsail halyard for small boats, 3 mainsail halyards for big boats to make sail handling easier through better control.  An easy internal lazy jack system for dropping.

For perfromance a 20% smaller area will give the same lift.
Much higher wind range due to camber trimming. Better upwind performance - lower wind angles and less heeling.  Downwind: more stable and easy to handle. Optional jib, Code 0, Gennaker for very light wind.