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A carbon fiber tripod

News International-French

26 Oct 2017

Manfrotto introduces Befree, a carbon tripod which displays 100 % carbon fiber legs and weighs 1,1 kg.

Manfrotto Befree carbon tripod

Those 100% carbon fiber legs ensure lightness, transportability and rigidity - all in one product. The Befree carbon weighs just 1,1 kg.

Designed to be compact and portable, Befree is the ideal size to fit into hand luggage and backpacks, making it easier than ever to carry. Thanks to its mechanism, the tripod is only 40 cm long when folded. The Quick Release Adaptor enables the foldable legs to pack very tightly.

Befree Carbon easily follows photographer everywhere and is comfortable to carry thanks to its padded carry bag. Extra padding makes it simple to pack in your luggage and protects it from any accidental damage.