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Carbon fiber UAV with Go Pro camera

News International-French

22 Mar 2013

The LA100 is the worlds first fully automatic flying aircraft made specifically for non pilots, and what do you know, its made with carbon fiber. It is a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) from Lehmann Aviation.

Lehmann Aviation is compiled of a team of pilots and engineers, founded in 2001. The company’s portfolio is ever growing with research development and a small UAS product line.

The LA100 is fully autonomous and can simply launch by connecting its battery. After 5 minutes of flight, the LA100 comes soaring back to you. It comes ready to fly and is available for about $1,320 but that is without the GoPro Camera. The GoPro can be mounted in two different positions, on top of the wing for oblique images or at the bottom of the wing for vertical images. Or you can even choose to fly with two cameras, one in each place.

Here’s a shot of a village nearby Paris which show you an example of what’s possible:

Here's is a video of presentation in real condition:

It weighs just 850 grams and has a 92 cm winspan, thanks to its carbon fiber and foam body. It is sure to capture the most amazing videos and pictures with your GoPro camera. If interested, the LA100 can be purchased directly from Lehmann Aviation.