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Carbon fiber used in china famous bridge construction

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20 Apr 2012

After four years of construction, China famous Aizhai suspension bridge has been officially opened the 31th March 2012. Its large rock anchor sling and rock anchor base are made of carbon fiber material.

Aizhai Bridge is a super large bridge connecting Hunan Jishou to Cha Dong highway across the Aizhai Grand Canyon. It is constructed by Hunan Road Bridge Group. The bridge is a single crossing suspension bridge with steel truss plus stiffening girder. The main cross is 1176 meters. And the width of bridge deck is 24.5 meters. The deck height is 350 meters above the bottom of the canyon.

 In the process of construction, the bridge creates four world firsts:
    1) The building height of Canyon crossing is 335 meters, and the length of crossing is 1176 meters.
    2) A new structure of tower beam separation has been applied.
    3) The rail cable shifting beam technology has been applied in erecting the main truss beam.
    4) Large rock anchor sling and rock anchor base are made of carbon fiber material.

Main beam is consisted of steel truss and stiffening girder. And the main cable is prefabricated parallel wire strands by root erection construction method, Jishou Bank used gravity anchor, while Cha Dong Bank used tunnel anchor.

Cable tower used double column gantry frame structure, suspension bridge connected with tunnels at both ends.

Large amount of construction material has been used. The construction of gravity anchor alone needed more than 72000 cubic meters. Jishou bank tower foundation pit excavation volume reached more than 300000 cubic meters.

All steel parts such as main cable, cable saddle, cable clip, suspension cable, steel truss girder, steel beams and expansion joints require high processing precision.

The upper structure nearly 40000 tons component needed to be set up to more than 350meters high.

The design of the bridge span is 100 years. In December 26th, 2011, a total of 68 35 tons vehicles drove through the bridge at the same time. All the bridge force performance indicators have fully met the design requirements.


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