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Carbon fiber wallets

News International-French

26 Nov 2015

Common fibers launches carbon fibers wallets made by bending pre-resined laminates.

The mission of this team of engineers passionated for carbon fiber, is to increase its popularity by putting it into hands and pockets of consumers. The company has come up with a new way to bend and manufacture composite materials.

CF-lex hinge creation
They begin with aerospace grade carbon fiber that is fabricated in Washington. The material is then passed through a C02 laser which ablates the resin from the targeted area, making the laminate bendable. By ablating the resin in a very controlled and precise process, the carbon fiber can be then reshaped. Once in the new configuration, resin can be reapplied to hold the new geometry.

Polyurethane film application
Once the hinge is cleaned a protective film is applied to add durability. Commonly used to protect helicopter blades, our polyurethane film is UV, puncture, and chemical resistant.

Technology applications
This simple idea will have profound effects on the composites world. The post processing method used could be developed into a recycling method, eliminate the need for molds in manufacturing, and open an entirely new category of composite designs.

Performance characteristics
Initial testing shows that 80% of the carbon's strength is retained during processing and the fatigue strength is similar to a two-piece metal hinge alternative.

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