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Carbon fibre chassis makes niche car production affordable for low volume producers

News International-French

5 Nov 2014

Far-UK launches the Far Platform Chassis (FPC),a complete lightweight chassis which is fully crash compliant.

The chassis is designed for low volume automotive manufacturers and removes expensive chassis design and investment costs. When you consider that development of a chassis can cost £10s of millions, the Far Platform Chassis makes car production a real possibility for smaller companies.

The chassis combines ultra-light weight with strength. It is simple to assemble and can be easily included in any production line. Each chassis can be created with minimal tooling and in short timescales to a customer’s requirements. It can host different body styles such as an urban car, sports car or a van. It can also accommodate a range of engine types such as electric, hybrid or conventional.

Far Platform Chassis has been designed to provide a low cost starting point for the development of low weight, fuel efficient vehicles by existing and new vehicle manufacturers.

There are three standard chassis sizes:
• Sub A segment Wheelbase • A/B segment Wheelbase 2.0 - 2.2m
• C/D segment Wheelbase 2.4 – 2.6m

From these options it is possible to create a base for a range of vehicles. A/B segment chassis weight of 65kg compared to a steel equivalent of 155kg.

Other key features from our Light and Safe (LiSa) Design Philosophy:
• Crash – front crash, side and rear – EU regulations
• Provision for US head impact crush material on A pillar
• Maximum vehicle kerb weight (including batteries) 550kg (A/B Segment)
• Maximum gross vehicle weight 750kg (A/B Segment)

Far-UK has identified a cost effective, composites based method of producing vehicle structures for niche car producers who believe that they cannot afford composite structures. By bringing these alternate, light weight solutions to the general, affordable market, Far-UK is solving the modern problem of expensive, inefficient cars, by replacing them with greener more personal alternatives.

By using a low cost modular carbon-fibre space-frame, a LiSa based car can be both light weight and personal to the end-user. Individual niche car companies can brand the car for their consumers without the expense of a carbon fibre tub for the main body of the car.

This allows different groups of people to get the type and specifications of the car they want from the same basic frame. This is a cheaper, greener and easier way for smaller manufacturers to provide bespoke vehicles.

The Far Platform Chassis is at the forefront of the drive by the automotive industry to reduce the mass of the vehicle by use of carbon fibre. It is part of the revolution to drive carbon fibre “Body in Black” as a volume automotive solution.

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