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Carbon fibre oxidation ovens

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28 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Litzler introduces the G5 End-Seal for their carbon fibre oxidation ovens. The more energy efficient 5th generation End-Seal is the result of over 15 years of innovative efforts.

Resulting from the rapid advancements in the ground-breaking 1995 End-Seal patent, this new technology delivers up to 50% improvement in energy efficiency.



Benefits of the G5 End-Seal:

  • Eliminates the trapezoidal chamber effect and ensures optimised use of the entire length of the oxidation chamber;
  • A highly effective dynamic seal that prevents the escape of toxic gasses to the atmosphere;
  • Eliminates cold air infiltration into the process chamber and hot air egress coming into the plant;
  • Saves energy and reduces the overall exhaust for a smaller pollution control system;
  • G5 seal chamber reduces the size of the pollution control device up to 50% by eliminating excess exhaust;
  • Effectively combats the chimney effect;
  • Maximizes the oven pass-length for increased throughput;
  • Improves side-to-side temperature uniformity;
  • All seal balancing is performed externally and is accessible during fibre operations;
  • Independent seal chamber temperature control extends the length of the oven;
  • The heated G5 chamber minimizes the rate of tar formation at the slots.


More information:

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