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Carbon footprint certified prepreg and new resin system

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16 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Advanced International Multitech (ADG) supplies carbon footprint certified prepreg. They can assist their customer to reduce cost in producing green products.

New Resin Systems:

TR-series: a fast curing resin. It cures at 130℃ for 10min. Prepreg impregnated with this resin is available for a wide range application, but is optimally applied to 3C housing to achieve higher turnover of mold usage.


LL-Series: a low temperature curing system.  Curing around 80℃ and is best for vacuum bag process. It is also available for application with requirement of thinkness and large size.


HM-series:  a High-Tg system. PPG Tg temperature with this resin can be raised to 280℃. It is applied for industries with high temperature or special environment.


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