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Carbon Tooling Boards TB G48

News International-French

4 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Airtech's TB-G48 Carbon Tooling boards can be used to build composite mould tool support structures, bonding jigs, drill fixtures, post cure braces and for many more stable tooling pieces.

Airtech employs the very latest in resin and manufacturing technology to produce our low cost and performance optimized carbon tooling boards TB G48.

The high glass transition temperature (247 °C) delivers stability at high temperature, ensuring long tool life, reducing life cycle costs.

Both sides of the panel have a highly visible Peel Ply layer in place, providing surface protection during storage and machining. Removal of the Peel Ply leaves a textured surface for bond preparation.

In addition to the standard board sizes, the Airtech TB G48 can also be supplied custom manufactured in thick section, ideal for when boards need to be machined to profile for Bonding Jigs.

Laminates constructions can be optimized for cost or performance by selection fabric styles and orientations. 

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