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Carbovar lightweight and durable tooling technology ready for scale up

News International-French

25 May 2012

Carbovar technology, advanced composite tooling with dramatically enhanced durability through the adhesion of a nano-crystalline Invar (Nanovate NV) surface coating, has developed to such an extent that manufacturers Umeco, supported by their partners Integran Technologies Inc., are now seeking to scale up production capability.

Game-changing Carbovar tooling combines the hardness, durability and damage tolerance of a nano-metal coating (already significantly greater than that of standard Invar), with the lightweight, low thermal mass of carbon composite materials. Closely matched CTE and strong adhesion between the Nanovate NV coating and Umeco’s LTM tooling systems ensures that highly accurate tooling can be manufactured and that the ultra-hard surface remains attached to the composite through its extended production life.


Since the award winning technology was launched in 2010, Umeco has combined broad customer trialling of Carbovar tooling with further enhancement of the nano-metal coating developed by Integran and continued refinement of mould manufacturing techniques. The latest example is a tool for a component for a Martin-Baker ejection seat (see picture hereunder), which is currently undergoing extended production trials.