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Cargoshell sells its foldable composites container in China

News International-French

11 Jun 2012

Global warming is the single biggest problem of our age. Organizations that are involved in transporting, handling and storing containers worldwide also have to contribute towards a solution. This requires breakthrough innovations. Large-scale global introduction of the new container concept Cargoshell will lower CO2 emissions substantially.

The new designed foldable containers are made of corrosion resistant composite materials. The folded height is only 1/4 that of the original. It is designed by the Netherlands Company, Cargoshell. And it is said to be folded flat in just 30 seconds. The GPS system can be built inside the container because the composite materials will not block the signal.

Whilst retaining the successful qualities of the current container, Cargoshell offers several innovations. In the forefront of these is the considerable CO2 reduction that will be realized by replacing the current container worldwide with Cargoshell.


As Cargoshell is made of fiber reinforced composite the new container is a lot lighter than the present steel container. A second major innovation is that Cargoshell is collapsible. Steel containers occupy just as much space whether they are empty or full. An empty folded Cargoshell occupies only a quarter of the original volume. Saving weight and space reduces operating costs, which also makes Cargoshell attractive from a business economic viewpoint. A track and trace system ensures that every container can be traced; wherever in the world it is located.


A certified Cargoshell that responds to all international requirements is currently in the development stage. Work is also ongoing to acquire a green energy label, as to focus extra attention on the sustainable nature of Cargoshell.



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