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CAS launched a new carbon fibre preparation method

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30 Jul 2012

Chinese Academy of Sciences Ningbo Industrial Technology Research Institute Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Advanced Manufacturing) has made new progress on the carbon fiber surface modification.

The new preparation method designed by its composite materials research team provides a new train of thought for the production of high performance carbon fiber composite material.


The researchers introduced oxidized graphene into epoxy slurry emulsion. And a dipping method has been applied on carbon fiber surface modification.


This can effectively control the carbon fiber composite material interface microstructure. And the properties of carbon fiber composite material interface can thus be improved. The graphene oxide is uniformly dispersed in the carbon fiber surface and interface layers.


The results show that, the modified carbon fiber composite material interface shear strength (IFSS) has been increased by 70.9% and 36.3% respectively compared with non slurry and non modified carbon fiber composite material.


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