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Caterham Composites enters strategic partnership with Altair Engineering GmbH.

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7 Feb 2012

Caterham Composites and Altair Engineering GmbH have signed a partnership to help both companies streamline the critical exchange between design and simulation. The combined years of experience that both companies have will create great value for their existing customer base and will further strengthen their ability to offer increased value for future clients.

Caterham Composites’ projects will enable Altair to improve their software solutions by working on assignments with real world data sets, allowing Altair to refine its software to the benefit of its customers.

The overall purpose of partnering with Altair Engineering GmbH is to empower all the clients of each respective company with innovative, high-end quality solutions and exceed expectations by combining the technical skills and know-how of Caterham Composites and Altair Engineering GmbH.


About Caterham Composites
Caterham Composites are the experts in unrivalled lightweight structural solutions. As part of the Caterham Group, Caterham Composites is a specialist company delivering turn-key solutions with a focus on the aerospace, automotive, marine and motorsport industries including Formula One - the leading sector for structural lightweight solutions and applied technology. Through the highest level of involvement, covering more than 25 years, Caterham Composites uses its vast experience to harness groundbreaking technology to tailor cutting edge innovative solutions for all its clients’ needs.


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