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CCE-JEC 2011 innovation award: the winners are…

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6 Sep 2011

For the 7th year in a row, the JEC CCE Innovation Awards Programme was a huge success. For 2011, ten chinese composites solutions were rewarded for their innovation in three categories : Raw Materials, New Applications and Process & Equipment.

Official partner:

For several years now, JEC Group has been forming alliances with the Chinese composites associations, notably the China FRP Institute, which organizes the China Composites Expo trade show.


For the 2011 edition, the winners are... the Category Raw Materials:


Baydur PUL 2500

Application: Can be pultruded for all kinds of structural profiles, window/door frames, ladders, tool handles, bridge decks, re-bars, gratings and transmission towers and etc.
Technical Features: Compared to the traditional Polyester and Vinyl Ester, the advantages of Baydur PUL 2500 are: improving the transverse properties of final product; enhancing the specific strength and stiffness; reducing or eliminating the use of glass mat; higher production line speed; significantly enhance the screw pull-out strength; no styrene and peroxides; very low VOC; and the material contents 10% bio-based resin.
PU is difficult to be used for pultrusion process because of its higher viscosity and very fast reactivity. So, it can’t be pultruded continuously. Bayer solved these problems and make PU to be used for pultrusion continuously by developing a special PU formulation and fiber wetting processing.
The specification of a typical final product is:
           Bending strength  (MPa)    〉1200
           Bending modulus  (GPa)      48
           Elastic deformation  (%)       3.0
           Impact strength  ( kj/m2)       〉189
           Notchless cantilever impact (j/m) 2900
           Shear strength                〉62
           HDT (C@1820 kpa)           240
Market:A good substitute of the traditional pultrusion resin and has a good market prospect. The application is enlarged by higher mechanical properties, higher productivity and better environmental protection. More complicated profiles can be made by eliminating glass mat.
Exhibitor: Bayer Material Science (China) Co., Ltd. 
Partners: Jiangsu Top Composite Technology Co., Ltd. & Tianjin Jinmao Group Corp.


Carbon Fiber Sheet Molding Compound

Application: Auto parts, new energy resources industry, track traffic like railway, national defense and military industry.  The product will meet the requirement of high performance and low density.
Manufacturer: Shanghai New Tianhe Resin Co., Ltd.
Technical characters: The Carbon fiber composites materials abroad mainly adopt the pre-impregnation technique with high cost of equipment and materials. The technology which is used by us is low cost Carbon fiber composites materials; it is suitable for industrialization production.
The innovation points: Adopting the resin thickening system, replacing the traditional pre-impregnation technique, taking the advantages of traditional SMC technology; non-volatility; non-pollution; short production cycle and low cost.

The main specification of Carbon Fiber SMC (Fiber content: 55%):

Item Unit Index Testing Standard
Tensile Strength Mpa 180 ISO-527
Tensile Modulus Gpa 26.1 ISO-527
Flexural Strength Mpa 230.4 ISO-14125



Market: As the CF-SMC owns the properties of high strength and low density,  it possesses the incomparable advantage on the light weight of vehicles. This kind of material is used for bumper, hood shield and chassis frame cover and etc.
Exhibitor: Shanghai New Tianhe Resin Co., Ltd. the Category New Applications:


Composite leaf spring


Application: This product mainly applies on the vehicle types which use the leaf spring, such as common commercial vehicle and tractor.
Technical Description: Adopting multiple composite molding process technology, exerting the advantages of each component material, using ordinary raw material, domestically made glass fiber and appropriately modified epoxy resin to mold, high-grade performance of product could be obtained, with multiple advantages of cost, performance and weight.
Main innovation:
1. Optimization design technology of product section structure.
2. Achievement of multiple composite technics.
Market:Comparing with current metal leaf spring, the performance of this product in every respect is equal or better, furthermore, larger room to reduce weight is supplied to make more profits, which received great reflection. It is already in batch production on some vehicle styles of overseas brand. In the domestic, it is just initial step, however, many manufacturers have established cooperation with us about this product.
Exhibitor: Beijing Sinoma Composite Auto Parts Co., Ltd.


Continued super wide fiber reinforced thermoplastics panel


Application: Roofing and wall for industrial buildings, inner adornment flat panel, container wall panels, etc.
Technical Description:
1. The first domestic manufacturer for continued super wide fiber reinforced thermoplastic flat panel(2800mm width).
2. Using long glass fiber (about 50 mm).
3. There are no similar product comparison data in China.
Market: The production for above products has been put in operation. The products have been applied for numbers of engineering projects like Shanghai Shunbao steel project, Hebei Handan Beike project. The products used for roof lighting has good application and received the adoption by the client. The products can be well recycled. 
In the past few years, FRTP has grown fast and taken place of thermosetting plastic in a lot of areas. In flat panel field, limited by the size of production line and the precision of technology control, there has not been super wide thermoplastic flat production, which has commonly existed in Europe, Japan and Korean with significant environment benefits.
In case of fire, the thermoplastics panel can be melted just above 80℃ which can meet the market demand greatly.
Exhibitor: Shanghai More V Composite Material Co,.Ltd.
Partner: Hebei More V Composite Material Co,.Ltd.


Carbon fiber composite reflector tube


Application: For aerospace
Technical Description: The complex cross transition of the product from the cylinder to the cone, and then from the cone to the cylinder. The upper is the varus flange, and the lower is the valgus flange. The transverse and longitudinal ribs were internally cross-distributed. The cross of similar products in China is mostly cylinder or cone. The product has innovation in mould design, mold process, bonding between composites and inserts, etc.
The body tube works in a cruel environment:
Working temperature: -55~+100℃;
Storage temperature: -110~+110℃;
Working humidity:≤85%
Market: The product after testing meets design requirements, and has been used by end users. The product can be spread to the other aerospace parts and civil products. 

Exhibitor: Harbin FRP Institute



High Anti-abrasion Colored Floor for Bathroom Unit


Application: High anti-abrasion colored floor is applied in caulking and energy-saving housing bathroom unit, all kinds of light ship bathroom, hotel bathroom unit, and integrated prefabricated bathroom unit. The product finds a good sale in Japan, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Russia and Mid-east, Africa and so on. The  market share of the product in China is over 70%. The caulking and energy-saving bathroom unit has won extensive recognition in 2010 Housing Exposition.
Yieldly: China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou Jiangsu
Technical features: Current domestic glass fiber reinforced plastic can make finished goods with decorative designs, or achieve real wood grain and stone effects, but the surface is easily effected by damp, then go moldy, long-term use will appear crackle, which lead to a strong impact on the appearance, comparing with the above one, this product has following advantages:
1. Use vinyl resin system as surface decoration and add special grain which makes a good combination between the facing material and matrix. As a result the product is more steady , reliable, and has excellent inoxidability and wear-resisting property.
2. Use same performance fabric cloth as facing material, it makes the product with free of going moldy and crazing after long-term use.
3. Realize drainage on the same floor, proper layout of pipeline ,free of cross and interference, convenient for overhaul.
4. Adopt inside revision balance technology, adjust the level of floor inside bathroom
5. Achieve natural stone grain, wood grain etc vivid effects 
6. Test block has no bubble and lamination after being boiled in 93±2℃ water bath
7. The product is antiskid and abrasion resistant, the surface is easy to wash, no spot untouched by a clean-up campaign
Innovation points:
1. Using pre-treated technology and adding wear-resisting powder, make the product surface wear-resisted, the abrasion coefficient is higher than 6000 turns (home-use Ⅰlevel)
2. Adopt composite molding technology, no lamination and leakage
3. Adopt color decoration processing technology, the color of floor seems bright and nature
The inspection report and certification can be seen in appendix No.13.
Market:The product has very good market prospection
For instance:
•Xinjiang Tianfu Real Estate Company have used 3600 sets of cozy prefab bathrooms consisted by this item of products.
•Shanghai Lujiazui Group will use 2800 sets of this item of cozy prefab bathrooms have been put into use for it.
•Tianjin White-collar Apartments has selected 1200 sets of this item of cozy prefab bathrooms are put into use.
•Chery company has put 434 sets of this item of cozy prefab bathrooms into completing dormitory for new factory in Wuhu.
•TOYOKO INN Japan has put more than 3000 sets of this item of cozy prefab bathrooms in 2010.
• Beijing Fuxing Hospital have used 168 sets of this item of cozy prefab bathrooms.
Commercial processed wear-resisting bathroom unit is a rising industry, in a stage of fast growth. It will be a new direction in new dwelling construction and industrial decoration.



62m-5MW composite blades

Application: Wind blades are important components of wind turbines, to help fan the wind into electricity. 62 m5MW composite wind turbine blades supporting for 5MW wind turbine. Made by the Lianyungang Composites Group Co., Ltd., They can be used for sea or land-based wind power. The blades are of advanced production technology, with high aerodynamic efficiency, the use of broad, stable performance and so on.
Technical features: This is the China's first piece of 5MW wind turbine rotor blade and also the longest one in the world. The blade is made of composite materials by taking advanced vacuum –infusion process. Reasonable design of infusion system is the focus of blade development because of the large size. In other word, the reasonable position of the resin channels, flow mesh, resin inlets etc. for the design are the critical factors in blade infusion. To reduce error and increase efficiency, the glass-fabrics are laminated during the production of spar cap by means of special trolley. And resin is injected from down to up to acquire a good infusion.
Main technical data:
Total blade length       62m
Largest chord          4.639m
Cp                  0.487
Root outer diameter    3300mm
Market: Wind energy is the most widely used new energy source (only after the water power), wind turbine blades are composite materials, important components of wind turbines. 62 m composite 5MW wind turbine blades can be installed in the IB wind turbines on the area to improve energy efficiency, can provide more clean energy, and mitigate the growing energy crisis.
          Now, Huarui Wind Energy Science & Tech the client of the product.
Exhibitor: Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co., Ltd.



1.5MW Rotor Blade of Wind Turbine(34m IEC Ia)


Application: This blade can be used in high wind area (IEC Ia wind class). Its production site is in Shanghai.
Technical features: This product is China’s first self-developed composite blade for 1.5 MW wind turbine for IEC Ia wind class. Its technical properties reach international advanced level. It has passed the China Certification Society (CCS) design assessment certification and fills in the gaps in the domestic development of wind turbine blade for high wind area.
Its main technique specifications are as follows:  
Bladed length [m]  34
Maximum chord length[m]  3.108
Power Controlled Pitch
Nominal electrical power [kW]  1500
Rated Wind Speed [m/s]  12.1
Nominal rotor speed [rpm] 19
Design Type Class  IEC Ia
No. of blades  3
Sense of rotation  Clock wise
Max. outer diameter of flange [mm] 1890
Market:Filling in the gaps in the domestic wind turbine blade for high wind area, this new product has promising market prospects.
Exhibitor: Shanghai FRP Research Institute Co., Ltd.


Frequency selection composite dome


Application: The product is applied to protect and hide microwave equipment.
Technical characteristics:
The frequency selection composite dome developed independently by our company is a new functional structure composite.
Innovation points:
1. High strength. The product can protect electronic equipment from strong typhoon on the sea, and ensure the equipment can work properly and continuously in all weathers.
2. Good weather-ability. The dome can resist the environmental damage caused by salt mist, UV, mildew, rain and snow, prolonging the service life of microwave equipment.
3. Good heat insulation. The product can keep appropriate operating temperature in hot or cold environment, as a protection shell for high precise microwave equipment and instruments.
4. High functional performance. The dome can transmit specified electromagnetic wave and shield others.
With the development of information and electronic technology, the number of microwave facilities in use is rapidly increasing, which makes those assembled at the same position or similar position increase too. So, electromagnetic interference has become an evident and important problem. On the premise of ensuring electromagnetic waves at working frequencies work well, covering materials for protecting microwave facilities should shield electromagnetic waves at other frequencies in order to improve anti-jamming capability of microwave facilities. This composite covering selected by the frequencies can give full play to composite designers. By changing its composition design and regulating its electromagnetic parameters, in combination with its structure and process optimization, it is developed the selective wave-transparent composite material suitable for the frequency of this covering. It has the selectively transmitting ability for electromagnetic waves at different frequencies and can be used under harsh conditions to provide supporting services for the development of modern information and electronic technology.          
Market:  The product has been accepted highly by users for its good quality and become a new profitable growth point with promising market prospects in the industry.
Exhibitor: Shanghai FRP Research Institute Co., Ltd. the Category Process & Equipment:


HET2000 Type of Composite Material Hydraulic Press


Application: It is applied in making SMC, GMT, D-LFT, G-LFT and other thermo-set, thermo-plastic composite molding.
Producer: Fujian Haiyuan Automatic Equipments Co., Ltd. located in Minhou, Fuzhou, Fujian.
The main features of molding processes:
1. High production efficiency, ease of specialization and automation of production;
2. High precision in product size, good repeatability;
3. Smooth surface, elimination of second modification;
4. One-time forming a complex structure of products;
5. It is relatively inexpensive due to its mass production.
Technical characters: Innovation: three “ high” & one “ low”
High efficiency: Through the optimal design of the hydraulic system and configuring, and the use of accumulator, it enables to achieve fast clamping function of up to 800mm/s: more than two times versus the increment in the domestic similar products; and to reach the worldwide advanced level. It has the characters of holding pressure for a long time and remaining stable to ensure the quality of products; its systematic comprehensive production efficiency has been, improved up to 50%.
High configuration: Haiyuan Machinery has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the world-class suppliers of hydraulic systems, such as Parker, Vickers, etc., for synchronize  develop the new products. It has been realized good precision in manufacturing, ensured its products in the highest quality, and achieved high durability requirements.
High reliability: Owing to the adoption of a frame structure in process, and the use of completely new technology, the stress pulse has been reduced by 50% in pressing process; and the mould life and product quality have been simultaneously improved.
Low energy consumption: By using of two-element of energy conversion system (the complementary of accumulator and oil pump) and the high-quality components, the main power of the press is only160kw; while other domestic similar products are of 250kw: the power reduction exceeded 35%.
Technical specifications:
1. Work pressing force: 20000KN, Keeping stable under the pressing force for a long term.
2. Largest Opening Force: 3000KN;
3. Master cylinder Stroke: 1300mm;
4. Minimum distance between the slider and the table: ≦ 550 MM;
5. Table: 3000mmX2000mm;
6. Hydraulic system working pressure: 25Mpa;
7. Installation Power: 161kW;
8. Fast downlink speed: 400mm / s;
9. Pressurizing speed: 1-16 .5 mm / s;
10. Backhaul speed: 300mm / s;
11. Time to form the full pressure: 2s;
12. Holding time: 40-150s. It is allowed pressure drop 1Mpa within the time;
13. Cylinder is used here so as to facilitate the exchange of mould;
14. Total weight: 168T (The stroke of 1600mm with its opening in 800 is reasonable. Total weight is 170 T).
Environmental indicators: Working noise Market: The press can be widely applied in the fields of civilian, automotive, and aerospace. The products have the following characteristics: high production efficiency, good quality, and low production costs. It is certainly a new model of machine which meets the trends of green, environmental protection. Meanwhile, the price of this model of machine is basically the same with the domestic similarities. Comparing with the foreign similarities, it has a good cost advantage. Therefore, it has a vast market space in the coming days.
Main competitors: The frontline brands from those European and American developed countries.
Exhibitor: Fujian Haiyuan Automatic Equipments Co., Ltd.