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CCE-JEC 2013 innovation award, the winners are…

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11 Sep 2013

For the 9th year in a row, the JEC CCE Innovation Awards Programme was a huge success. For 2013, ten chinese composites solutions were rewarded for their innovation in three categories : Raw Materials, New Applications and Process & Equipment.

For several years now, JEC Group has been forming alliances with the Chinese composites associations, notably the China FRP Institute, which organizes the China Composites Expo trade show.

For the 2013 edition, the winners are... the Category Raw Materials:


Zhongfu ShenyingCarbon Fiber Co.,Ltd. with its Dry-Jet Wet Spinning SYT45 High Performance Carbon Fiber

Application: Precursors for SYT45 high performance carbon fibers were produced by dry-jet wet spinning method as Toray T700 carbon fibers, with acrylonitrile (AN) as the monomer, and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) as the solvent. After preoxidation and carbonization processes, the carbon fibers were produced, with basic properties fittingly answering the demand of national standard GQ4522. Tensile strength of SYT45 appears no less than 4.5GPa, and Young’s modulus is no less than 230GPa. The products can be widely used in industrial, civil engineering, sports, military, aerospace and other application fields.

Production place: Dapu industrial zone, Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province.

Technology features: SYT45 precursors are produced by DMSO one step method and dry-jet wet spinning process. Within the overall manufacturing processes, it has made significant breakthroughs in several key techniques including preparation of high viscosity spinning solution, air layer fiber forming, dry-jet wet spinning, high pressure steam drawing, electrochemical surface treatment, external heating layer type pre-oxidization furnace, and etc. A series of innovative achievements have been obtained as well, in the continuous and stable heat transmission system, highly efficient monomers and bubble removal system, high viscosity materials filtration system, and dry-jet wet spinning balance system.

Authoritative testing results provided by Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Jiangsu Testing Center of High Performance Fibers are as follows:

  • Tensile strength:≥4.5GPa
  • Elasticmodulus: 220-260GPa
  • Elongation: 1.8-2.5%
  • Bulk density: 1.8g/cm³
  • Linear density: 780-820g/km (12k)

Results showed that the SYT45 products have already met the requirements of national standard GQ4522. Due to the introduction of dry-jet wet spinning process, the outer surface of fibers becomes smooth and the broken filament rate has been effectively reduced, resulting in a good manufacturability.

Markets: Due to the better performance, manufacturability and lower cost of SYT45, it has been accepted by customers once it is available in the market, and has brought direct impact on T300 carbon fibers.

Exhibitors: Zhongfu ShenyingCarbon Fiber Co.,Ltd.

DSM with its Atlac 5200 FC

Atlac 5200 FC is developed to make composite tanks and pipes that are in contact with food or potable water.

Technical Features: The global Life Sciences & Material Sciences company DSM has worked together with its customer Christen & Laudon on the development of a new family of storage tanks for foodstuff applications, sold by Christen & Laudon. This breakthrough has been achieved by combining DSM’s in-depth knowledge on food legislation and GMP implementations, the capabilities of the new Vinyl Ester resin Atlac 5200 FC, and the engineering and manufacturing expertise of Christen & Laudon for making parts that perform in the final application.

The high performance resin Atlac 5200 FC has been developed specifically for use in applications that have contact with food and potable water and is made in line with commonly accepted Good Manufacturing Practices for the Food Industry (GMP). DSM certifies that the ingredients of Atlac 5200 FC resin are compliant with the “positive list” of the European Food Contact Regulation EU 10/2011. This simplifies the approval process for DSM’s direct customers.

Focusing on consumers’ food safety and health, DSM integrates its knowledge and expertise in the Life Sciences in its product development in the Material Sciences, and provides composite solutions in compliance with GMP for the Life Sciences. The whole production process is traceable and controllable that contaminations can be prevented to the utmost extent. Furthermore, equipments made with the composite solution have prolonged service life at lower installment and maintenance cost.

Besides the advantages in performance, the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) shows a much better ECO result (in terms of reduced Carbon and ECO footprint) of containers made of composites (FRP) compared with stainless steel at the same volume and thickness over the entire life cycle (a process covering from raw material to production till the end of use, that is “from Cradle to Grave”), which means in the long run, composites has much lower impact to the environment than the stainless steel.

Market: Key Benefits

  • Consumer health and safety
  • Composites solutions for food contact
  • Successful implementation of GMP
  • Reduced maintenance & extended equipment life
  • Avoiding costly product recalls
  • Convenience in installment, maintenance and cleaning, saving time and money

Exhibitor: DSM the Category New Applications:


Jiangsu Top Composite Technology Co., Ltd. With its Energy-saving GRPU Pultruded Window Profile


Technical Features: Technology Innovation: Curing time of Polyurethane resin is extremely short, and our technology of continuous pultrusion process filled this technology gap in China.

Performance Innovation: GRPU Profiles is integrated with good thermal insulation and excellent mechanical properties, so it overcomes the disadvantage of traditional materials that it can’t take function of thermal insulation while keeping mechanical properties at the same time. GRPU window has superior performance in sound insulation, thermal insulation and wind pressure resistance and so on.

Market: The biggest advantage of GRPU Energy Saving Window is the combination of low thermal conductivity and top rank wind pressure resistance. Wind pressure resistance of the 65 series even reaches 9, which is the top level of national standard requirement. If assembled with insulating glass, the thermal conductivity can reach 2.2, far below that of broken bridge aluminum profile at 2.8. Major design institutes raise numerous interests in this new invention. Energy saving windows and doors is the future trend, in view of government energy saving policies and 75% energy saving slogan in recent years, the new Energy saving windows will set off a technological revolution in the market.

Exhibitor: Jiangsu Top Composite Technology Co., Ltd.


Sinomatech Wind Power Blade Co., Ltd. with its Sinoma 45.2-1.5MW Blade For High Altitude And Low Wind Speed Site