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CCE-JEC 2014 Innovation Award announcement

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2 Sep 2014

For the 10th year in a row, the JEC-CCE Innovation Awards Programme was a huge success. For 2014, eleven chinese composites solutions were rewarded for their innovation in three categories : Raw Materials, New Applications and Process & Equipment.

For several years now, JEC Group has been forming alliances with the Chinese composites associations, notably the China FRP Institute, which organizes the China Composites Expo trade show.

For the 2014 edition, the winners are... the Category Raw Materials:

 CPIC / FIBERGLASS with its High Performance Low Dielectric Fiberglass

Application: HL-glass is a new generation of high performance low dielectric constant fiberglass of CPIC introduced in 2014, in the field of electromagnetic waves through high-frequency electronic circuits and has a wide range of applications. HL has a lower dielectric constant and the dielectric loss compared than E-glass. Dielectric constant (1MHz) of HL is less than 3.8, and dielectric loss of HL is less than 0.0007. When combined with D-glass, E-glass and PTFE as so, HL can get a lower dielectric constant of the substrate material for military use.

Tianjin Onlytop High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. with its T700-12K Carbon Fiber

Application: This product can be widely used in aerospace, automotive manufacture, ship and yachts, high level sports leisure products and etc. In aerospace area, this product can be used in the aircraft main wing, tail, body, the rudder, elevator, the contents materials and etc. In automotive manufacture area, the products usually are used in hood, rear wing, seats, fairing and etc. In wind energy area, the products are mainly used in the fan blades, host and volute pump. In addition, helmet, bike rack, skis, golf clubs, hockey sticks, aircraft model, computer case all use our products. the Category New Application:

JiangSu QIYI Technology Co., Ltd. with its Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP)