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CDI installs first demonstration small production prepreg machine in China

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25 Jul 2012

CDI (Century Design Inc.), the leading global supplier of prepreg machines and specialist composite processing equipment, has installed a small production prepreg machine, the CD6015 Combi, at ATA Carbon Fiber Tech. Guangzhou facility in China. This technological partnership with ATA Carbon Fiber Tech. Guangzhou, Co. Ltd. will allow customers to trial CDI’s latest equipment, receive training in prepreg production and learn to convert their fiber and/or resins into qualified production prepreg materials.


The CD6015 Combi’s compact dimensions make it perfectly suited for small to medium sized composite part producers as it can be installed without any major facility upgrades requiring only basic power and air attachments. The machine is fully automated making it easier to operate, provides consistent process control between production runs through the use of ‘stored recipes’ and provides data collection to allow for the analysis and control of all key processing parameters.


The CD6015 Combi machine supports two primary markets:

  1. An R&D tool for Fiber and Resin Matrix Development
    • Permits rapid product changes
    • Limited infrastructure required
    • Sufficient capacity and capability for producing narrow sample materials for intermediate size, prototype components
  2. Small volume production for manufacture of unidirectional prepregs
    • Addresses supply issues for small unidirectional Prepreg users
    • Reduces lead time; 'JIT (just -in–time) manufacturing'
    • Produces custom unidirectional prepreg materials not commercially viable in small volumes
    • Provides direct material cost savings for many applications


While the CD6015 Combi is positioned as a small production prepreg machine, it also proves valuable in prototype production and R&D purposes.


CDI’s advancement into the Asian markets is just one of a series of developments since the company came under the ownership of Keith McConnell in 2011. TIP™ (Total Integration Program), a modular design, technology, process and implementation system has also been generating considerable interest. TIP enables users to become self-sufficient in the implementation of their new machinery, while manufacturing prepreg materials at a lower cost, more consistently and to a schedule that is achievable in weeks rather than months.


“We are delighted to have formed this alliance with ATA and are very encouraged by the interest shown in the CD 6015 Combi machine”, remarks Keith McConnell, President of CDI. “This continues to be an exciting phase of growth and innovation for CDI and the expansion of our business network into China marks another key milestone”.


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